Not able to format disks as RAID

My server information:
Server is HP ProLiant ML30 Gen9
Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials
USB 3.1 Type-C card

I added a Mediasonic Probox HF7-SU31C
In it I added 4 of WD 10TB Red NAS disks

When I try to format the disks from Windows Disk Management, I can only format the 4 as singles.
I've tried all other formats:
New Spanned Volume
New Striped Volume
New Mirrored Volume
New RAID-5 Volume

They all give the same error:
Virtual Disk Manager
The operation is not supported by the object

What must I do to be able to use the disks as spanned or striped?
Thank you in advance for your support.
Janice L'AmoreauxwebmasterAsked:
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Cliff GaliherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It isn't really a DAS.  It doesn't claim to be a DAS in anything I can find, and it does have its own compute logic and OS.  Direct-attached storage doesn't have those things.  SAS/eSATA enclosures would qualify as DAS/JBOD, but not this.  I stand by my earlier post; you can't do what you want here. How that box presents the drives to the OS, and its own functionality in their OS, limits you. That isn't a windows issue. That's a limitation of the product in question.
Cliff GaliherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On a NAS?  If the NAS doesn't support it, you can't.  That's the nature of a NAS and how it exposes disks to Windows.  If you want that level of control within Windows, you basically need an external JBOD enclosure that can work with native windows drivers and hardware.
Janice L'AmoreauxwebmasterAuthor Commented:
It's a DAS box.
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Dr. KlahnConnect With a Mentor Principal Software EngineerCommented:
The Mediasonic HF7-SU31C is not a RAID enclosure and doesn't incorporate RAID functionality.  It presents each drive as an individual volume.  If RAID is desired, some other enclosure will be necessary.

Nowhere on this page or in the manuals does it state that this unit supports RAID.  If this unit was sold to you as supporting RAID, take it back and tell them it doesn't, and demand your money back.
Janice L'AmoreauxwebmasterAuthor Commented:
Thank you Cliff and Dr. Klahn. I appreciate your explanations.
Janice L'AmoreauxwebmasterAuthor Commented:
I hadn't realized that DAS enclosures aren't necessarily compatible with RAID unless specified. I took it for granted that all had this feature.
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