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Matthew Emery
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I am in a mobile phone contract and use more data than used to.  The data topups are not the best value so looking for advice on best UK 4G sim deals.  I have a spare phone so can use that as a hotspot in the car which will stop me going over my data allowance.  I would really appreciate suggestions and live in a big city so provider now really an issue for coverage.  I know there is lots on google and ebay buy never know if some of those offers are being misleading or not or based on agreeing to paying so much a month.  Ideally i’d pay for example £5 for a fixed amount of data with no further obligations.
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UK and IRE Vodafone are the #1, I have spent years dealing with this stuff and am glad to save you the research.
I actually hate to big up a mobile ISP as I am not a fan of any of these guys, but Vodafone do their data right, nobody can deny that who has any idea what they are talking about.

It seems a very well provisioned network.


Hi Mark

Thanks for the advice I am actually with Vodafone and they have been the best network I have used in terms of coverage when visiting family etc.  You have helped reinforce the fact that I should stay with the just add some data bundles until November when the contract expires, it's too easy to go cheap with someone else and not get what I need in the medium term.

Once again, thank you.

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