Help 'Maxell USB 4 Hub Cube 3.0' that doesn't recognize external storage devices or video converters


Just purchased a 'Maxell USB 4 Hub Cube 3.0'  for our notebooks.  Works fine when connecting mouse, keyboard, numeric keypad and memory sticks - all seems ok.  However, the HUB does not work with USB external storage devices (Toshiba, HP, etc.) or our Insignia - SuperSpeed USB 3.0 to HDMI External Video Adapter.

The Maxel Hub is model 'MX2USB-C-HUB'.   We googled for the device if other users had similar problems, but no success yet.  This "LINK" shows the actual packaging of what we purchased and also found in "MAXELL" the product but slightly different packaging.

How can we use USB external storage devices and our Insignia HDMI External Video Adapter?

Thank you in advance.
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What you have is a self-powered or bus-powered USB hub.  It takes the power from one of the computer's USB ports and splits that power between 4 ports.   Keyboards and mice do not require much power, but some other devices require more. If you are connecting a device that needs more power you need an externally powered USB hub with a separate power supply connected to the mains power socket.  These obviously aren't convenient for laptops that need to be portable, but are OK for desktops where there is usually a spare a power socket close enough to plug the adapter into.

The external storage device might work perfectly well when plugged directly into the same USB port on the computer that the hub is plugged into, but it is probable that the hub splits the power equally between its 4 ports even if only one device is plugged into it.

You can get bus-powered hubs that have individual switches at each of the USB sockets so that you can switch off the ones not in use.  I assume that this means that higher power is then available from only the ones that are enabled rather than all the power being split equally among all the sockets.

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also - did you connect it to an usb 2 - or usb 3 port?
an usb 2 port supplies only 5V at 0.5A Max

but if you want to connect external devices like disk drives, you better buy a powered UUSB hub
look here :
or google it
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Not for points but if you are using this Singapore site to buy through, this is the kind of thing you need.  As you've already been told the Maxell won't cut it because it's limited by the power it can draw from the PC hub you're plugging into and the devices you describe that don't work are hungry for current.
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rayluvsAuthor Commented:
Makes sense for the external storage devices, but what about the HDMI External Video Adapter?  Does that device also requires lot more electricity?
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
No it doesn't but it's at the top end of what a USB port can deliver.  
Although most manufacturers of USB Video adapters will advertise "Does not need external power", you'll usually find in their instructions that they recommend you plug them directly into the PC USB port and don't connect them to a hub. Often all it takes is for one USB device on the hub to be operating slightly out of spec in current draw and the whole thing falls over.
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
Thank you all! Great Info!
Thank you rayluvs
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