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Exchange Mailbox Restore from Windows Server Backup

  I have an exchange server with three mailbox databases - E:\Exchange\Mailbox_database1\Mailbox_database1.edb, E:\Exchange\Mailbox_database2\Mailbox_database2.edb, E:\Exchange\Mailbox_database3\Mailbox_database3.edb.
 One of them (Mailbox_database1.edb) got corrupted, so I tried the following:
 (1) Created E:\Recovery folder.
 (2) Ran Window Server Backup, Restore, Application and restored all three mailbox databases.
 (3) I dismounted Mailbox_database1 in Exchange Management Console.
 (4) I deleted everything from  E:\Exchange\Mailbox_database1folder.
 (5) Copied all the files from E:\Recovery\E_\Exchange\Mailbox_database to E:\Exchange\Mailbox_database1 folder.
 (6) Mounted Mailbox_database1 successfully.
 (7) Opened Outlook from workstation PC and verified that user emails were there.

Now questions:

From the article from  https://practical365.com/exchange-server/exchange-2010-mailbox-database-backup-restore-windows-server-backup/#restore
I see that you can accomplish the same goal in one shot.
(1) After dismounting corrupted Mailbox_database1, delete all the files. (2) Go to Properties of Mailbox_database1 and [x] for "this database can be overwritten by a restore". (3) Open Windows Server Backup and restore exchange database (4) After restore job is finished, mount Mailbox_database1.

Q1) In my exchange database, there are three mailbox databases. During the restore process in Windows Server Backup, I did not see the option to pick and choose which database I wanted to restore. So If I go ahead and restore all three database, what happens to the other two healthy mailbox databases?

Q2)  Another scenario. Say I had a good backup over night and during the day, exchange database files got corrupted after users already have sent/received hundreds of emails. As i understand it, In the article above, I see " ... the transaction logs that were written on the server since the time of the backup will be replayed into the restored database, bringing it completely up to date." It sounds like I can restore the good mailbox database as of last night and keep all the changes made to the database? If that is the case, do I only delete Mailbox_database1.edb file only instead of every sing file in E:\Exchange\Mailbox_database1 folder?


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