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how can I use the following link to correlate assistance programs for a preexisting dental bill?

Hello and Good Evening Everyone,w

              I am interested in using the following link in my quest to help a dear friend with a financial crisis.  My friend recently had necessary dental work performed which amounted to a large $3000 bill.  Her minimum payment each month exceeds her ability to pay because of a low fixed income.  She is also disabled and unable to work.  With these points in mind, I would like to use the link mentioned in this post as an attempt to correlate the right financial assistance program to her needs.  It appears this link offers assistance to people with a variety of different financial crisis.  As such, it is a bit difficult for me to navigate to the exact area needed.  That said, could someone properly navigate to the area needed to apply for financial assistance for a pre-existing dental cost?  

              Any help given in response to this question will deeply be appreciated.  My friend is really struggling with this concern and is in need of being networked to the proper local agencies and organizations resourceful enough to help with such matters.

               Thank you

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I would go to the Medical link in your link above (Andrew has pointed to the same thing).

On that page are Ad Choices - don't go there.

Stick to the links on the left side of the assistance screen and there, Medical is the only link you need.
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As John pointed out, the pages are riddled with large blocks of targeted adverts.  There are 7 on the main page.  Clearly they get most or all of their revenue to ost the pages by allowing placement of adverts in the hope that you click on them.  The reason Andrew wasn't seeing them is probably because, like me, he uses an ad-blocker as a browser add-on.  This leaves some larger areas of white in between the existing text on the page where adverts would be placed, but at least you can see what is genuinly on the page and what has been injected into it as advertising.  In my case (having temporarily disabled the AdBlock Plus browser extension) the adverts look strangely out of place and irrelevant because the page has picked up that I'm in the UK, but for you the adverts could show content that seems to be very relevant and part of the page.  It is good that they are showing the little blue right-facing arrow (triangle) and "Sponsored" or "Ad Choices" to help you to differentiate the valid content from the junk.

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Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

            At this point, I would like to follow up on a couple of things in reply to BillDL's response.  Like Andrew, I have my AdBlocker enabled or turned on as well.  Consequently, I am only seeing the screen that is captured within his suggestions.  With that point in mind, how may I temporarily disable the AdBlocker within Google Chrome?   Once everything is fully displayed, where may I go to help my dear friend apply for a personal grant to help pay off or help with the balance of her dental care balance?  I am sure there are application forms for personal grants geared toward helping financially disadvantaged individuals with needed medical and dental care cost, but, I am not sure where to go.  Therefore, any follow up guidance germane to navigating to the proper resources identified here will be greatly appreciated.

              In closing, I deeply and sincerely appreciate everyone's eagerness to help with the proper navigation of this site.   It will make it so much more efficient to connect my dear friend with the needed resources to help reduce the financial strain and burden being imposed upon her by the dental bill.  

             Thank you

Please read this page:

Then part way down, Quote:

"Many non-profit credit and debt counseling agencies can help patients deal with their medical bills. Not only that, but they can also address any other financial difficulties that a family may be facing. Organizations operate in every state. Find information on non-profit credit counselors."

A non-profit credit counselor would be a very good place to take your friend.
The reason Andrew wasn't seeing them is probably because, like me, he uses an ad-blocker as a browser add-on.
Good call Bill. Adblock Plus - serves me well. Not a single add when I visited so it must have intercepted them all for me :)


With that point in mind, how may I temporarily disable the AdBlocker within Google Chrome?
Type (or copy and paste) the following into your Chrome Browser Address Bar and hit your Enter key:


User generated image
Click the button below so that it slides to the left as shown below.

User generated image
To reverse the process, do the same thing again, but slide the button to the right to re-enable Chrome's built in Add Blocker.

I hope that's helpful.

Regards, Andrew
Hi George

I am at work where certain "outside" sites are blocked, so I will just give some general advice from memory of the linked pages from the web address you gave.

First of all I think you should have a look at the legalities.  I saw a page that described what debt collectors can and cannot do in certain states.  I cannot recall whether Tennessee was specifically mentioned.  In general it described a maximum amount (expressed as a percentage of the person's income) could be taken off to repay the debt, and it gave details of what kind of income (benefits based) was exempt.  Once you have an idea of how much of your friend's income could be considered as being "available" for debt collectors to grab you will have a better idea of whether you are being told the truth when you speak with debt advisers.

Keep your AdBlocker enabled.  You DON'T want to see any of those adverts in case you mistakenly click on one of them and end up on a debt consolidation site, or something similar, that costs money.  There seem to be plenty free services available.
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Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

           Thank you very much for shared links and suggestions.   Due to this being such an in-depth topic, much more research on my end will be needed.  It is assuring though knowing there are services available to my friend.    With that said, I want to carefully go over everything in order to tailor the right help to her and her needs.

That site is a link generator, that's why it artificially ranks high on a Google search.  It's designed to load the maximum number of ads, while making you click in circles.  It makes them money, and they really don't do any work beyond getting county and state names to show up in search results.

Have you already tried the county health department?

The county health department can help with medical services that were already rendered.  They may also recommend contacting non-government sources like United Way and others:

I'm only guessing this is the right region by the URL you provided.