users remote boot and access the application server

Dear Experts

few of our branch office is connected with mpls vpn network and few branches are with leased line circuit,  we have hosted  application servers  which are web based in the head office (corporate),  the applications are running in the Vmware Esxi server in the VM's,
Requirement as following
is it possible to setup the solution such that the users at branch office boot their system (dummy terminals) which does not have hard disk but they access the corporate system and work on the web based applications, not sure is this concept of thin client  please correct me if I am wrong , please also suggest is there any such solution where Vmware or Citrix and name the solution please and little information and which can be deployed to head office and branch office , please suggest, thanks
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Casey HermanCitrix EngineerCommented:
If you get the window based thin clients, you can usually add pieces of software to them, plugins and browsers that you would need. Then enabled the write filter on the device. Take an image and then you can mass deploy them. Internally you would need no VDI solution.

You can also set up VPN connections for Devices not on the MPLS network.   If you are looking for simple devices like Zero clients you can try it but I would recommend if you do, you will probably want to use some sort of Citrix Xendesktop or XenApp on the backend for these devices. It really depends if you have your site exposed to the web or not.

Zero clients are nice because you can just set a few options in your DHCP services to point where things need to talk on the network. Then drop ship the devices where you need them to go. So there is some work up front but there are many advantages to doing this. Company data stays in the datacenter, if someone steals one they arent taking any data or resources with it. Cheap to replace. Upgrades are done in a single point in the datacenter. Stuff like that.  

I would recommend Xenapp for this situation mainly because you can publish the specific apps and take advantage of pooled resources a little better. Especially using Citrix Provisioning services and also Appdisks/Unidesk.

For remote people I usually stick with the HP Zero clients (I am sure others do this as well) because they can report into a cloud config service that HP has. Makes it nice for the Offsite devices.

Honestly there are about 100 different ways you can implement this but it is definitely doable.  Exact list of expectations is where I would start and then check with products from vendors.

You can call up your local sales rep and ask them for devices to test out. Many of the larger dealers will send you some test models you can bang on to check out.

yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
Dummy terminal (or from what I know it as zero client) vs thin client (which has a very basic OS).  

Being that these are web apps you will most likely need an OS that supports the apps.  If you need IE, Firefox, Chrome or any other browser and your terminals have one of these I think this will work, but I recommend testing before committing to any technology.  If the terminal does not support any of the listed browsers you will need some OS on the terminal.

I am using Citrix XenDesktop solution and my clients us PC, Apple and Dell (WYSE) Zenith dummy terminals.  All these devices all use Citrix Receiver to initiate the desktop session.  This is my setup and I am not saying you need VDI.  If you need access to only web apps you will most likely need a thin client to run the apps.

I hope this helps a bit.
D_wathiAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for the reply, will this solution work within same network OR will it work from MPLS VPN and internet leased line . I mean can thin clients be configured to work / in first place will be possible from outside the same network that is from internet ( leased line circuit) and MPLS vpn as our few branch office have mpls vpn (HUB and spoke) and few with leased line circuit, please suggest.
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yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
I have never tested externally, but if the web app has a public address I am guessing yes. If you are able to access the resources from your branch offices without any intervention then your clients should be able to access the web apps.  

All this said you really need to test.  Most venders that build thin clients or dummy terminals will do a try to buy or give you a loaner to test for a  POC (Proof of Concept).  
I would recommend inquiring with your reseller to see if you can get a few different devices to test with.
D_wathiAuthor Commented:
thank you very much for the reply, as you said you are using  Citrix XenDesktop solution,  I would like to understand if we go for this solution will  though the thin clients all the web based applications work that is we have sugarcrm sales force software hosted in the on premises(on-site) in one of the VM's of Esxi server and also email G-suite/office -365 which are cloud based solution, mainly would like to know if all the hosted applications   on premises(on-site) like I said sugarcrm or SAP and as well cloud services like G-suite/Google aps and office -365 will this work, please suggest
yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
There are some things to consider about the licensing.   I am not a certified regarding this so I do recommend you speak to a license specialist regarding VDI and if this is the right fit for you.  To me your setup seems to need a local OS with browser capabilities.  

If all your application are web based and just require some sort of browser I think VDI is bit much.  

Do you have a reseller that you deal with?  I would ask them if they have resources in both VMware Horizons and Citrix Xendesktop (VDI) and XenApp.  They can get the sales engineers on the phone to explain and highlight the key features.  

I use Xendesktop because I have many application (not web based) that require a fully functioning OS.  

Can you access your web apps externally now?
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