Can not edit slide in power point presentation

I have a client that has a organazation chart I believe was made in Power Point 2007. She has Power Point 2010 she is unable to edit slide 2, when she tries it says "The organization chart cannot be opened because it exceeds the maximum size". I have tried to edit it from Power Point 2010, 2013, and 2016 on different computers and I get the same error. I am able to open it on 2 other machines running win 7 and power point 2007 without and problems.
I uninstalled office 2010 from her computer and installed office 2007 but still have the same problem?
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☠ MASQ ☠Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Then change the font/size of that slide on the 2007 machine save and then try opening on the 2010 machine again - depending on the complexity of the org chart (number of components) you may need to simplify it - again on the 2007 version.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Don't think this is specifically a version issue - see if you can adjust either the font/size used throughout the the chart or the number of components on your 2007 machine though.

See this old PPT 2007 KB article
nesteyAuthor Commented:
The problem is only when I double click slide 2 to edit other wise I am able to open all slides for viewing fine. I am able to edit all other slides in the PPT? All fonts are Arial 16 BOLD even on slide 2

I able to edit this slide on the 2 other computers running office 2007 computers?
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It sounds to me like the org chart was created using MS Org Chart. PPT 2007 uses SmartArt diagrams for org charts, not the old Org Chart utility.

I suspect that the other systems using Office 2007 may have been upgraded from an earlier version, which means that Org Chart utility is still available somewhere in the bowels of Windows.

If you can open the chart on the other 2007 machines, you may be better off converting the chart to shapes so you'll be able to edit in more modern versions of PPT.

Also, if you're working with a PPT file instead of a PPTX file, you might try saving as a PPTX and see if that allows you to edit the org chart. Not sure it will, but it's an easy enough thing to try.
nesteyAuthor Commented:

I changed the font size using the 2007 PP then was able to open and edit it on my pc using pp 2016 and changed the font back to original size and saved it. Copied this newly saved file back to my clients machine and using pp 2010 can now open and edit this slide



The 2 2007 machines were not upgraded from previous the were clean 2007 installs.
nesteyAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help
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