Best way to migrate from Google Drive desktop application after end of life

I have a peer to peer Windows 7-10 network with 7 computers.  Presently all machines have Google Drive installed on them.  The users documents, picture and desktop folder are set to sync with their Drive account.  Also the main company share is called 'share' and is set to download to a folder within the users home directory.  Now that Drive is going to be discontinued I want to know the best course of action to ensure things run as users are used to.  Additionally if I can prevent a complete redownload of data that is preferred.  This is a GSuite account.

Our total drive share is approximately 30GB.  Thanks in advance.
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Google put out announcements on this last year. Are you using GSuite or just a series of Gmail accounts? Assuming you're using GSuite, have you looked at Drive File Stream?
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