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I am looking for some help from the experts...

I want to be able to put a watch on a particular folder and get notified when a file arrives. The notification if it could fire off an email via outlook exchange.

Or when the file arrives it could trigger an bat or vbscript ..

Any help?
Nick CollinsAsked:
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Bill BachConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
I do something like this by running a batch file that can do "something" every 30 seconds.  Here's an example that calls a VBScript function:
C:\Windows\SysWOW64\cscript CheckForFile.vbs //nologo
rem echo Sleeping for 30 seconds...
timeout /t 30
goto :LoopIt

Then, in your VBScript function, you can check for the existence of a file in the folder (which is a single statement) and decide what to do from there.  For example, you could send an Email or call another function, exactly as needed.  Of course, if you wanted granularity lower than 30 seconds, simply change the timeout command....
Peter SarabySenior IT ProCommented:
In case you wan to do this in real time and not use a script, check out EventSentry (Light). It can monitor folders and fire off an email when a file is added, removed or changed. You can also trigger a process/script.
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