Does removing a Gmail account from Mail app risk deleting mails from Gmail's server also?

Can deleting a Gmail account from Mail app - deleted the mails on Gmail's servers as well?
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Mac Mail typically connects to Gmail using IMAP.  This means that your mail is stored on the server and you will not lose any email.

You will only lose email if you did extra work to create local folders or forced your Gmail connection to be POP.  If you don't know what these are, then you likely did not implement them.
If you've created local email folders and moved your mail from Gmail to your local folder, then you will also lose mail.
If you've somehow configured your Mail connection to be POP, although that's highly unlikely, and didn't set it to leave messages on the server, then you will lose mail.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
It doesn't affect gmail at all.
No. You can always retrieve the mail using webmail or recreate the account in Apple Mail as long as the account was IMAP and not POP3.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Agree with the above. You need to delete your Gmail account at Google to delete your email.
As others so long as the app is not the sole way to view a specific message, deleting the app will not impact access to messages still available on the gmail  caveats deals with if the gmail setup on the app is for a pop3 account where the messages were retrieved and the server copy deleted..
Under these circumstances, deleting the account on the system, will remove your access to these specific messages that are currently in,y accessible on this device within this app.
furunoAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys.

After reading on another forum about a Gmail deletion horror story where the deletion of a Gmail account resulted in loss of emails. I was trying to think how this scenario played out.

Serialband brought up two viable scenarios - user created folders and Gmail configured as a POP account.

( I am always amazed at how even the most illiterate IT users are experts at creating folders in emails clients...)

My mind is at ease now :)

Thanks everyone who contributed.
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