Comparison Between Cisco, DLINK Wireless Router

I have recently been assigned a task to compare Wireless Router RV130W with another model of devices which happened to have the same function.

Appreciate if anyone can provide expert ideas on what and how to compare Cisco, DLINK, TP-LINK and etc..
Frais Vent4BAsked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
D-Link such as you can purchase at Staple / Best-Buy is consumer gear and I do not bother with that.

Cisco RVxx Wireless routers are excellent. I have a Cisco RV134AC here and I like it a lot. Dual Band Wi-Fi - 2.4 and 5 GHz. Standard high level Wi-Fi security and most of them are VPN boxes as well. We use them at clients as well. Good pick.

TP-Link I think make decent machines but I do not use them so cannot compare.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Here is a TP-Link comparison. I do not think they are VPN routers however.
It comes down to exactly what you're looking for.

Some of the things that i would want are the following:
  • Web content filtering (I assume you don't have a proxy of some sort already)
  • Gigabit ports (you'd be surprised how many routers are still sold that don't have these)
  • Deep packet inspection (the Cisco lacks this)
  • Built in VPN server (assuming you don't have one in house and users require remote access)
  • Ability to do VPN tunnels (this is standard in business routers, just a matter of how many you need if you have multiple sites to link up)
  • Support for VLANs
  • Multi-WAN support (in case you decide to have multiple connections for the purposes of load balance or failover)
  • Quality of support (I personally never had a good experience with Cisco on the small business side on this one, but haven't dealt with D-Link or TP-Link in this category)

TP-Link does actually have business routers with VPN:

So does D-Link:

If you are considering D-Link, go no lower than the DSR-250, but I'd start with the DSR-500 since it has dual WAN support.

Note: while I haven't used their business line, I have never been much of a D-Link fan, but I did want you to at least have access to the info you need.

Another brand I would consider is Sonicwall (the TZ line). And let's get this out up front: the Sonicwall will cost you the more than the others, but will their tech support is far better than Cisco's small business support from my experience. (Important note: for support and firmware upgrades you need to have an agreement, and certain features such as content filtering are subscription based also. For VPN, you would end up having to purchase licenses)
You will need to expand the section to compare models at this part of Sonicwall's site:
If you go the Sonicwall route, take advantage of their competitive upgrade program to shave off some of the upfront cost.

Now that said, I wouldn't buy a router with wireless built in. It tends not to be as good as separate units. Plus you don't have to worry about losing more than one thing at once. I don't know what size an area you need to work with, but wireless solutions like UniFi from Ubiquiti I would consider better than what you could get built into a router.

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Benjamin Van DitmarsSr Network EngineerCommented:
What is the funtionality that you need. please dont select a product/brand and see what is can do.
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