Is there an alternative to creating a new Profile in order to 'fix' MS Outlook?

Commencing this morning my Outlook is taking several minutes to get past the opening "processing" message. I've tried reinstalling Windows, opening in Safe mode and closing and running a repair on some of my pst files but it's made no difference. I am using a mixture of archived pst files, exchange accounts, IMAP accounts and POP3 accounts for various email addresses so recreating a profile will be a pain. Is there any other option, or do I need to recreate a new profile and see if that fixes the problem? Or is there something else I should check first?
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Michael MachieIT SupervisorCommented:
Taking several minutes is not entirely uncommon with Outlook and Exchange. For instance, I support one environment that can take upwards to 3 minutes to fully load and launch Outlook. That environment has numerous shared mailboxes, a single inbox for their primary email, multiple Archives (one for each accessed mailbox) and one person has local archives as well. The more connections and more add-ons on the system the longer it will take to load. This is normal.

However, something may have updated recently that caused an add-on to fail or caused an add-on to be slow to load. The first thing I do with Outlook slowness is to disable all non-essential add-ons in Outlook. Sometimes the VBA Access and Social Connectors are not needed so I disable them.  Even a failing required add-on like Cisco Viewmail can cause a problem, such as when KB3172605 was installed onto the PC it broke Unity Viewmail connections in Exchange 2010, which caused Outlook to take longer to load before the add-on timed out and Outlook finished loading. You can also go down the list and disable all of them, test speeds, and re-enable add-ons and test speed after enabling it. This will rule in or rule out an add-on issue.

If you need assistance with disabling and re-enabling add-ons please share your Outlook version and I can send screenshots.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I've tried reinstalling Windows, ...  but it's made no difference. .... recreating a profile will be a pain

Agreed, but I document my accounts so I can do this as efficiently as possible.

If the delay bothers you too much, try a new Outlook Profile.
Rob4077Author Commented:
Thanks Michael and John. I understand time delays in loading but it's the sudden and dramatic increased delay that is troubling. Therefore I will try your suggestions in order - test and disable add-ons first then build a new profile second, if necessary, and finally accept the delay as normal if neither of the first two options work.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thanks for the update
Rob4077Author Commented:
Unfortunately this new slow speed must be more than has been suggested. Every time I go back to Outlook after some period of inactivity, even if it's open, now takes several minutes of "not responding" before working. It's been 8 minutes so far now since I've come back to the PC after it's been left running all night and still I am at the "not responding" point. The only Add-On that is active is Bit Defender virus protection. I started creating a new profile and after only adding 3 of my Exchange accounts ( to a new profile and already it is very slow starting. And one of the people at work has complained yesterday their Outlook runs super slow every time they return to it after a period of inactivity. Their PC is identical to mine (I bought my PC from work a while ago after they downsized the office).
Michael MachieIT SupervisorCommented:
That is definitely odd. Have you seen any issues or errors on the exchange server or the local pcs via event logs or anything else?

Have you made any recent changes to your environment, such as with AD or networking?

Just asking some random questions to see if we can narrow this down a bit.
Rob4077Author Commented:
I think I just found the problem. I deleted 3 email accounts and it's back to normal. I suspect it's because these 3 are about to be wound up as they relate to a business that is closing down and the Exchange service is being removed.

Thanks for your support and sorry to have troubled you - I should have checked this first
Michael MachieIT SupervisorCommented:
No worries, i am committed to helping and glad it is resolved.
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