Is there any way of editing a Google Sheet with VBA

I have written VBA code that reads a very complex email from MS Outlook, interprets it to extract over a dozen fields. The code then displays the info on a form giving me the opportunity to check and edit before I press the Go button. The Go button searches for the Key field in an Excel spreadsheet and updates it, or if it can't find it, adds the record to the sheet.

I am then using the Excel spreadsheet as a data source for an Appsheet form that is updated on mobile devices in the field. Unfortunately Excel is proving very unstable so I should use a Google Sheet instead which will make it very robust.

My problem is that, although I am very confident with VBA, I have zero knowledge of any code that will enable me to manipulate Google Sheets. Is there a way to manipulate Google Sheets with VBA, or is there any other solution that anyone could suggest?
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Fabrice LambertFabrice LambertCommented:

Well, VBA have no native facilities to interract with Google sheets.
Maybe the following link will provide something usefull:
Rob4077Author Commented:
Thanks Fabrice. I will have a look and hopefully it will provide the functionality I need
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