Synaptic Touchpad not recognised in the device manager / Synaptic Drivers dont work

Good Afternoon everyone

At my HP ProBook 450 G5, only the mouse is recognised in the device manager and the Synaptic Touchpad isn't. I installed all available drivers and uninstalled them etc. I've made a comparison between the same model but two different operating systems (Win7 and Win10). With the operating system Windows 10 it functions perfectly. (See appendix)

The Touchpad functions, it is just not recognised by the System and in follows of that I cannot configure the options for the Touchpad by Synaptic-Software/driver.

The aim of the whole, is to be able to deactivate the Touchpad in the device manager / Synaptic driver.

Who can help?

Im sorry if my Text contains some grammatical or other missive mistakes.

Gian NefAsked:
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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
With the operating system Windows 10 it functions perfectly.
That's because W10/64-bit is the only version of Windows supported on that machine, as shown in the OS drop-down at the HP support site:

HP ProBook 450 G5 support
Two ideas to get a W7 driver for it: (1) Use a generic W7 driver from the Synaptics website. However, generic drivers often don't deliver full functionality for the touchpad. (2) Find another HP ProBook at the HP support site that shows W7 support and try its Synaptics driver. For example, the HP ProBook 450 G4 has W7/64-bit support. Its drivers are here:

It does have a Synaptics driver:

HP ProBook 450 G4 Synaptics
Here's the download link for that driver:

I don't know if the 450 G4 driver will work on your 450 G5, but it's worth a try. Regards, Joe
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Synaptics will only provide drivers for supported operating systems and as Joe has noted that machine does not support Windows 7
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
The answer is that the HP ProBook 450 G5 supports W10, not W7, which is why the Synaptics touchpad special features do not work on W7, i.e., no W7 driver for it. Two ideas were provided for getting a driver that may work on it, but the likely correct answer is that it won't, so both posts saying that are solutions. Splitting the points evenly between the two experts making those posts.
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