iRule for F5 URL Redirect

How do I create an iRule within the GSLB in order to have URL Redirect for 3 Virtual Servers within the Local Traffic based off one Public IP Address


We currently have one public IP Address left and need to publish 3 servers but don't have the funds for more static public address.
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@VH -
Assuming that your one public IP resolves to and you don't want to load balance across the three servers... You could place each server in their own pool - Server1_Pool,  Server2_Pool, and Server3_Pool.

Then in your Local Traffic policies create a single policy with 3 separate URL forwarding rules based on the incoming URL request. For example:
URI path begins with any of /westregion --> Forward traffic to Server1_Pool
URI path begins with any of /eastregion --> Forward traffic to Server2_Pool
URI path begins with any of /southregion --> Forward traffic to Server3_Pool

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