File copy between branch and HO

Hi all,
Our company Head Quartered in the Middle East is having its   Design office in India.On a daily basis we need to copy around 300 to 400 MB files from India to Middle East. We have physical servers at both locations and the data to be copied resides on local  drive partition at the India server.
We had received lot of suggestions with different technologies like  File sync software- Goodsync , Acronis cloud backup, Microsoft Azure services etc
Please suggest a suitable and cost effective technology to copy this daily data.  Thanks in advance
Binu John
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Bill BachPresident and Btrieve GuruCommented:
You already have several suggestions.  I can provide several more, such as Beyond Compare ($35 tool that will work over SMB, FTP, and others), WinSCP, Carbonite Availability (true replication), RoboCopy (completely free), and others.  However, your list of suggested solutions will simply go up.  

Instead, why not indicate what is wrong with your current suggestions?
Hi, Thank you for your  expert opinion.

Basically my intention in posting this question was to find out whether a direct file sync option is recommended or a cloud based one. Since i am new to both these programs , i thought of having some expert advises.

Thank You
Binu John
Bill BachPresident and Btrieve GuruCommented:
Well, copying 400MB is pretty lightweight.  When I had a branch office, I set up a NAS in each location, and then scheduled an overnight copy job via Beyond Compare (through a batch file script) to push all of the changed files from one side to the other.  Because the HO was the "Master", we didn't have to worry about data synchronizing in the other direction, but Beyond Compare could handle that anyway (always keeping the newest versions).  With support for direct SMB access, FTP, and other access methods, and with a cost of USD35, it's hard to beat that solution.  There seems to be no reason to involve a cloud service, unless you want to take advantage of the time difference to streamline things -- though with the BO in India, I think that's the wrong way.
Hi Mr.Bill,

Thank you for your valuable opinions. We have decided to go ahead with 'Beyond Compare' and so far everything is working fine.
Best Regards
Binu John
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