Why is remote support tools causing DWM,exe and the remote software to push CPU to 100%

Problems with remote support tools and Desktop Window Manager (DWM.exe)

I use Splashtop remote support tools and a 4rd part company that supports the same server uses SimpleHelp Remote Access.

When users connect remotely the CPU goes from 2% to 100% causing the server to run very slowly.

The 3rd part company say they support 100s of servers with this software and dont have the issue elsewhere.

The server is a Windows Server 2012 R2 device will all the patches installed. It is running as a guest VM on a Hyper-V server also running Server 2012 R2.

I have optimised the performance settings for "besty performace" but that makes no difference. I cant disable DWM.

Any suggestions as to what might be casuing this.
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Most less advanced protocols (VNC like products) will cause CPU usage to spike (obviously less on more powerfull CPUs). So, if your VM was assigned little CPU power, or the host CPU is already a bit slow, spiking to 100% should be considered behavior as designed.
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