Site isn't showing up on testing sites like quirktools and responsinator.

Melody Scott
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Hi, my site shows up on real devices, but for some reason shows a blank page on quirktools screenfly and those sorts of testing sites.

URL is https://  I don't want to post a link, so that's why the spacing there.
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Your site is configured to not allow embedding inside an <iframe> and the test sites you're using depend on embedding your site inside an iframe, which is why you're not seeing anything.

One of the HTTP reponse headers sent from your server is set to:


This means you can only embed your site in an iframe that is on the same server.

The trick is figuring out how that header is being set. Usually it's configured at the server config level (apache config, IIS config etc). It can also be set at the 'code' level such as PHP, C# etc. by explicitly sending a header.

You would need to temporaily disable it to run your tests.

Here's a link explaining it in more detail:


Thanks, I appreciate the info!!

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