Internet connection failing downstream

I am working with a client who has Comcast Internet (150 MB package). Speed are very good but the client uses a data feed for stock trading. The problem is that the system will disconnect from the data feed after 3-5 minutes and reset. The network however, is not going down. I can do a continuous ping to and never get a 'request timed out' message. I first blamed the firewall but even if I go directly to their modem and let it configure my IP address, it still does the same thing. I have turned the firewall in the modem completely off. That had no effect. When I say I go directly to their modem, the only thing I have plugged into the modem is my laptop.

When I do a trace route to one of the problem sites, I get time outs on the hops just past the Comcast network but not to all sites.

When I spoke with Comcast about this they 1) say they have no other customers experiencing this 2) anything downstream from them is 'best effort' without any assurance of a reliable connection.

What I'm trying to find out is if anyone else has experienced anything like this and if so, was there any remedy? Comcast is telling me they have done essentially all they can do. The only choice is to bring in another provider which the client is open to but the other providers do not offer the speeds that Comcast does.

Thanks for your consideration with this problem.


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what program is being used to view the data feed?
what are the power settings on the viewing device, is there sleep timers on the NIC?
where is it pulling the data from?
what is the sources configuration like?
just  a few questions to start : )

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