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I am trying to get some specific styling done to my sidebar menu. See Webite

What I want to do is have the parent menu items (Company Drivers, Owner Operators, Shop, Office) be bold black at all the times (just like the active menu item is now)

Then, the active page, instead of being bold black, I'd like to have a <<  to the right-hand side of it and be the same color grey as the other non-parent menu items. I believe the content code is "\00ab"

Can anybody help me with this, please?

Thank you, Experts!
Jon ImmsWeb DeveloperAsked:
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Julian HansenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This will get you going in the right direction
.widget_nav_menu a {
	display: inline-block;
	color: #222222 !important;
	font-weight: bold;

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rgranlundConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is in the CSS under main_color  Change the number to #000;
As for the active state, add
.current_page_item::after {
    content: "\00ab ";
Jon ImmsWeb DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thanks, guys,  That saved a ton of time trying to mess around with the CSS.   So simple once I see it.  I'm learning!
Julian HansenCommented:
You are welcome
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