Coldfusion send SMS via external website

We are using an external website to send SMS to our clients from with ColdFusion.

The external website takes the phone number and message and delivers the SMS to the client.  

The URL to the website is  " 

When I use the below code, only one SMS is sent.

<cfset aAr1[1][1] = '1234567'>                        <!--- Phone number --->
<cfset aAr1[1][2] = 'Message to 1234567'>      <!--- SMS message to customer --->

<cfset aAr1[2][1] = '7654321'>                        <!--- Phone number --->
<cfset aAr1[2][2] = 'Message to 7654321'>      <!--- SMS message to customer --->

<cfset aAr1[3][1] = '2222222'>                        <!--- Phone number --->
<cfset aAr1[3][2] = 'Message to 2222222'>      <!--- SMS message to customer --->

<cfset aAr1[4][1] = '3333333'>                        <!--- Phone number --->
<cfset aAr1[4][2] = 'Message to 3333333'>      <!--- SMS message to customer --->

<cfloop index="nIdx" from="1" to="#arrayLen(aAr1)#" >

      <cflocation url="[nIdx][1]#&msg=#aAr1[nIdx][2]# " >


Someone told me I should use CFTHREAD but I have never worked with CFTHREAD.

Any help is greatly appreciated
Errol FarroAsked:
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Do you have an issue with how long it takes each one to send?   Are you sending hundreds at a time that causes a delay?

I would only consider CFthread if you have a problem you are trying to resolve.   Others may disagree
Errol FarroAuthor Commented:
Do you have an issue with how long it takes each one to send? No, there is not time limitation
Are you sending hundreds at a time that causes a delay? I am only able to send one SMS using my submitted code
Then don't worry about cfthread,  cfthread allows you to spawn a separate process so your original process can keep moving.  But if you're not having any time issues, and you are only submitting one, then no need to switch

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