cisco 5510 site to site tunnel breaking


We have a cisco 5510 asa.  interfaces outside and outside2 are for wan.  We have a failover setup where if outside goes down outside2 comes up.  We also have site to site vpn setup, and for outside2 interface to  renegotiate with our other site automatically.

The issue we are having is that once or twice a day our main wan (interface outside)  looses site to site vpn with our other office.  Internet stays up but the tunnel breaks.  When we put it on our backup wan (interface outside2) everything runs fine.  

I have to manually disable the interface outside then re enable the interface and then site to site starts to work.  I have already spoken to our isp and they didnt find any issues.  I have also swapped with a space 5510 and still the same issue.  I have attached copy of the configuration.  Please help
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The config looks reasonable. but you appear to be using the Google DNS server on to track reachability, I would suggest speaking to your ISP for a suitable host to track reachability, or using something that you control outside the network.
I have to agree with Arne. Google has recently changed the way their DNA servers respond to icmp. I've had numerous issues with sla using
If ISP has a DNS server, try using that. Else try or instead.
If you switch to outside2 it works steady because you do not have tracking enabled on that interface/route
iamaidiotAuthor Commented:
Thank you both,

I will try that and update.. really appreciate the help
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