Exchange 365 shared email address

Exchange 365 shared email address

Does the email itself need a licence ?
Does each email address connected to it need a licence?

If it is an existing email:
can I convert it to a shared email?
can I revert it back to a normal email address?

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Robin DadswellInfrastructure EngineerCommented:

As long as the mailbox is set as a shared mailbox then you should be fine with no license,

the User mailboxes will need licenses,

to convert a shared mailbox please see the below link on how to switch things between shared and user mailboxes

Todd NelsonSystems EngineerCommented:
If you are asking about a shared mailbox, as long as the shared mailbox is less than 50 GB in size and it's not being archived, a shared mailbox does not require a license.

Email addresses are not licensed.  The mailboxes are.  Resource mailboxes do not need a license either.  The only real caveat is the one I stated above.

Any mailbox can be converted to a user mailbox, shared mailbox, or resource mailbox and back.
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