GPO for Exchange delegated mailbox delete items

I want to setup a GPO that would make it so when users delete items out of a delegated mailbox, it goes to the delegated mailbox's deleted items folder. Not the users folder.  I want to set this up for all Office 2010, 2013, and 2016 installs.

Can someone walk me thru the best way this can be done?  Should I use outlook policy definitions? Or can I just send down a GPO that edits the key below.  I beleive the GPO should be a user preference, unless I am mistaken.

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Alexei KuznetsovConnect With a Mentor Microsoft Outlook MVPCommented:
1) Yes. Configuration/Preferences/Windows Settings/Registry
2) You don't really need it. Just deploy DelegateWastebasketStyle registry setting through 1) GPO.
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
This request is not possible. GPO doesn't control the behavior of Exchange mailboxes like that. the only way to do this is for the delegate to drag and drop the mail they want to delete in the deleted items folder of the shared mailbox. Unfortunately this is the only way to do this.
Alexei KuznetsovMicrosoft Outlook MVPCommented:
You can easily configure such GPO. Refer to Microsoft Support Article describing all required steps in details:

Important: make sure that the delegate user has at least Author level rights for the Deleted Items folder of the owner's mailbox.
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tike55Author Commented:
Regarding "Important: make sure that the delegate user has at least Author level rights for the Deleted Items folder of the owner's mailbox. "

The Delegates have full control over the delegated mailboxes.  Is this suffiecient?
Alexei KuznetsovMicrosoft Outlook MVPCommented:
Yes, sure.
tike55Author Commented:
2 more related questions:

1) I was thinking about setting up the GPO in user configuration/preferences.  Sound right?

2) could I deploy the easy fix cab via gpo/ msi installer?
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
This is good info to know. I didn't know anything about this. Good stuff!
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