Microsoft Project 98 to 2016 file conversion

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I have some old Microsoft Project 98 files and cannot open the files with Project 2016.  I cannot find the install disk for Project 98.  Is there any way to convert the 98 version files so that they can be opened by Project 2016?
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The closest thing I could find is this!topic/microsoft.public.project/QUo0Bkh6jP0

Since you do not have the old version, you will probably need a service to convert the file.
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Project Viewer states that it opens MSP98 and then allows export.

MSP2010 will open MSP98 files, then MSP2016 will open MSP2010 files
Perhaps you can find that version, or someone with that version to help you.

Open Source ("might" be helpful) e.g. >> (based on library) but may only go as far back as MSP2000

In future, archive using an XML format (NOT! the .mpp format!)
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Post the file. MSDN still has 95, 2002... etc available for download


I was able to locate a copy of Project 2010, which allowed me to open the 98 verion and save as the newer file type.  2016 can open the 2010 version.

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