Bandwidth limit/allocation for two offices in the same building using one ISP connection

We have two clients in one building with one Internet connection at 75/20Mbps.
we would like to "limit" the bandwidth the second business uses, so we need to allocate maybe 5Mpbs to them.

We have a Sonicwall TZ100.

What do we need to do to accomplish this? hardware and configuration wise.
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Benjamin Van DitmarsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sonicwall has a very nice band limit system build in.
both companies, must be on a different subnet,

Goto Firewall settings -> BWM. and select the radio buton advanced.
klik the accept button.

then you need to specify on the outside interface the availeble amount of bandwidth.
goto network -> interfaces. select youre wan interface en press the options button at the end.

on the properties windows, select the tab button advanced. en scrol down in the items to Bandwidth Management.
enter the engres and ingres value of youre interface. the values are in kbyte (multiply youre mbit by 1024)
press the ok button to save the settings, and close this windows.

goto firewall -> access rules. and select the company zone -> wan.
select the rule that allows the network internet access.
goto the tab button BWM. and you have to create 2 policies. one for engres and one in ingres traffic to shape it.

create the polices with the folowing settings,
Guaranteed Bandwidth: max allocated bandwidth
Maximum Bandwidth: burst speed to max line speed if available
Violation Action: select delay.

repeat the steps for the second network. and youre limiting/shaping is done.
Blue Street TechConnect With a Mentor Last KnightCommented:
Hi FST Solutions,

We have two clients in one building with one Internet connection at 75/20Mbps.
I'd have some major concerns with this configuration:
1. Each client should have their own ISP and firewall for too many reasons to list but here are a few:
             • financial obligations become convoluted;
             • single point of failure - technical, billing or other takes down both clients;
             • no security contexting - you would have to properly create secure Zones, segments, etc. so each client cannot breach the others.

I would strongly recommend upgrading your firewall to at least a TZ300...the TZ100 is EOL (End of Life). The TZ100 is not robust enough nor does it have the technical capabilities to protect the network from today's threats.

Let me know if you have any other questions!
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