Powerpoint 2016 can't send mail via IBM Notes

We're running IBM Notes 9.01 as mail client under Windows 10. While migrating to Office 2016 a strange problem appears:
All Office applications can send the currently open file as a mail attachment (File -> Share -> E-Mail (as attachment, as PDF, as XPS, just as Link is greyed out)).

Only PowerPoint can't: when clicking the same menu in PowerPoint a single button "as link" is visible and it is greyed out. The other 3 options are just not there.

Any idea?

Notes works fine, it is the default mail client under Windows 10 1709. I.e. clicking a mailto: link opens Notes.

BTW, Win 7 - Office 2010 -  Notes 8.5 no problem, PowerPoint displays all options
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Michael PfisterAsked:
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I'd check default app settings again, this time not only default mail app, but also fie types by app (are all possible associations set for notes)?
It sounds strange, though, that other office programs see these buttons. Here, Powerpoint 2016 can use those, too.

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Michael PfisterAuthor Commented:
You're using Notes too?
As soon as I add Outlook 2016 to the client all buttons are enabled in all Office applications... but Outlook opens for ALL Office apps... despite setting Notes as default email program and checking/setting all file extension/protocols to Notes where possibe
Michael PfisterAuthor Commented:
Ok, when I started Notes after adding Outlook it asked me if I want to make Notes as a default program. After that all Office applications including PowerPoint work!
Does that mean PowerPoint requires some Outlook components?
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No, it does not require outlook. I guess it was simply a quirk inside the default programs associations that got reset by going back and forth.
[no, i am not using Notes]
Michael PfisterAuthor Commented:
Just found out (*sigh*) also good old Office 2010 installed Outlook, just the start menu icon had been removed.
After adding Outlook messaging components to Office 2016 PowerPoint 2016 works ...
Michael PfisterAuthor Commented:
Adding Outlook messaging components to Office 2016 helped
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