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"Windows Service Start Failure" error

Have set up a new Windows 10 PC on a Server (Windows Server 2012) network. A message dialogue appears soon after start up on the PC (see attached) "Windows Service Start Failure".

What is this message and how is it caused?

(I am not at client site currently)

One option I have seen is to use the SFC command as in:

System File Checker utility:
Open Start, type: CMD
Right click CMD
Click Run as administrator

At the Command Prompt, type: sfc/scannow

This will check for any integrity violations

Restart your system

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Shaun Vermaak
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This happens it either the EXE in the service is not wrapped as a service, does not start in a timely fashion or fails completely. What it the service? Check event viewer for actual error messages
I am sure this is 3rd party software and no microsoft windows internal service.
While that message is open, see if you can use task manager to identify the process that's behind it.
Please let us know what happens after running System File Checker.  

Are you using legacy software on this machine that may be causing issues?
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Will do.

No legacy software as afik.

MS Office 2013?
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OK, John tx will do. (I am not at client site at the moment, not until tomorrow)