VBA Form.PopUp programatically

Reference a MS Access Form.PopUp = Yes|No

Is there a way to change this via vba programmatically in a compiled (accde) version?
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Fabrice LambertConsultingCommented:

I'm not sure to completly understand what you want.

You can design custom forms that act as pop-up Windows and store them in an ACCDE.
But you can't change a form (or pop-up) behavior that is already stored in an ACCDE without regenerating it (IE: update the ACCDB then save it to ACCDE).

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What problem are you trying to solve?  If you want the form to be modal some times and not others, you will need to modify the .accdb to change the code to optionally use a different argument for the OpenForm method.  Then you would need to recompile the database.
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
I guess its easier to use the acDialog when you open a form...when you need the popup functionality you open it as
DoCmd.OpenForm TheNameOfForm, , , , , acDialog

Open in new window

DoCmd.OpenForm TheNameOfForm

Open in new window

The answer to the question as posed is - No, you can't modify the code of a "compiled" form. The OP never clarified.  I would delete the question since we really have no idea of the actual problem the poster was trying to solve.
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