automatic (trigger Start) - Investigate what the trigger is

I noticed today that a Windows 10.0.16299 machine had the Windows Update service startup type set to 'automatic (trigger Start).
I wanted to look deeper at what the trigger is, so run that command that suggested a GP is set.   However, this is a standalone machine, not joined to any localad or azuread.
When I look at local group policy -> all settings -> sort list asc/dsc all settings report as 'not configured' for both user and machine.

How can I investigate what these two 'triggers' are ?

sc qtriggerinfo wuauserv
[SC] QueryServiceConfig2 SUCCESS

SERVICE_NAME: wuauserv

          GROUP POLICY                 : 659fcae6-5bdb-4da9-b1ff-ca2a178d46e0 [MACHINE POLICY PRESENT]
          GROUP POLICY                 : 54fb46c8-f089-464c-b1fd-59d1b62c3b50 [USER POLICY PRESENT]
Chief AvocadoChief of Problem Avocado'sAsked:
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
in task scheduler - microsoft\windows\windows update you will see the triggers
on local disconnect from user session
on remote disconnect from user session

Every 20 hours after triggered
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
trigger location shown
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