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I am currently in a trial with Citrix Sharefile... but find the pricing a bit too much for our company at the moment..   Love the features .. Large File send.. Encryption .. all integrated into Outlook.   In my email signature I have a link for people that need to send me files... etc..etc..     Does anyone know of any other companies that offer this type of service that might not be as expensive?


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Commented:     no encryption ......

For serious encryption the encryption needs to be done local not in the webservice.  the Key shared with ultimate target  through some other means and separate from the file sent through some service (or a private cloud).
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smartfile - and SmartFile Cloud
- have an Outlook add-in that allows for retrieving files from SmartFile, uploading new files, and requesting files
- work in a remote desktop/terminal server with Outlook environment
- As long as you have space in your account, you can upload it.
- Can have trial
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Hi Goraps,

Yes, you can do all of this with Office 365 or a la carte products from them. The solution provided below will allow you to utilize online storage and send either encrypted links or emails for large files.

If you are already using Office 365 or not you can use either or both SharePoint Online and Azure Information Protection as standalone or bundled services. Both are Enterprise architectures that are managed centrally, meet/exceed compliance, and can scale easily as the business grows.

SharePoint Online and/or OneDrive for Business

These would give you the ability for:
SharePoint Online
• Collaboration space for the company
• Document Repository
• Versioning Tracking
• Library Mechanisms - Checking-in/out documents
• Project Management

OneDrive for Business
• Personal cloud collaboration space

Both solutions provide
• Sharing Documents
            • Sharing Links
            • Expired Links
            • Encryption options
            • Authentication options

If you have Office 365, E3 and up includes both products (OneDrive for Business & SharePoint Online) at no added costs.
If you have on-premise deployment and need standalone solutions, you can procure them separately. Costs are $5/user/mo:

Even though you didn't specify you needed encrypted storage you can do so from OneDrive by either Box Cryptor ( or Sookasa (

Azure Information Protection

This would provide you with PBE (Policy-Based Encryption) for Exchange. The encryption occurs on on-the-fly when triggered by policies you set up. Here is more on the features of Message Encryption:

If you have Office 365, E3 and up includes this within these plans at no added costs.
If you have on-premises mailboxes, you will need to use Exchange Online Protection or hybrid mail-flow. Cost is $2/user/mo:

Both solutions are very reasonably priced. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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