Gmail not syncing all mail into outlook 2016

Hello, I have a google apps user that I have setup using outlook 2016 using the Gmail Imap setting everything has worked well but we have just noticed that some of the mail on the google mail server right when the google account was set up is not in outlook 2016 how can I force outlook to do a full sync of all mail. The user doesn't use the Gmail web interface so they can't see the old mail from that time.
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One thing you might try is to log into the GSuite mail web interface, create a new folder (call it whatever you like), move all the inbox emails into it (from the web interface), let Outlook sync up (hopefully all the emails, including the currently missing ones will appear in the new folder), then, using either the web interface or Outlook, move everything back to the inbox, let it resync, and finally delete the folder you created.

Bit of a pain, but it should hopefully resolve the issue.

Deerek11Author Commented:
I ended up just deleting the first account and reset up the account
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