Create new Domain link it with an existing domain & link all the mail boxes

Dear Experts:-

In my existing test environment i need to do the following :-

Create a second domain and link it with an existing domain i.e.

Ex:- (already exists) (needs to be created as new domain, existing forest)

Overall  goal:  after creating, I want to  link user mailboxes with existing user mailboxes to allow  users to receive email sent to "" within their existing "" Exchange-based mailboxes.

Note:- For the above test do i need to create a new exchange on the new domain. If yes then should i give different ip ranges for the new domain & the Exchange server . I am in a learning stage now .


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Hasin Ahmed ChoudharyConnect With a Mentor Exchange AdministratorCommented:
1) Add accepted domain test1. make sure you have DNS Zone for this domain.
2) Edit the existing email address policy to stamp to all mailboxes based alias or first.last name whichever you follow for test domain.

Now if you send email to, it will be delivered to test domain mailbox. For external mail flow, you will have to create MX record for test1 domain.
Gaurav SinghConsultantCommented:
Go with Hasin's Solution,

yes you dont need to create Separate Exchange Environment for you domain. Just make sure all DNS records are in place, if you are using any Anti Spam Email Gateway make sure that domain is allowed in that also.
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