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Hi...why all of sudden all my domains are blacklisted in Spamhaus DBL.
surya vAsked:
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Ayoub RouziCeo & CoFounderCommented:
Hello Surya,

Please check this official link of spamhaus:

How do I remove my domain from the DBL?
DBL is highly automated and most listings will expire automatically after they cease to appear in spam. Similarly, domains are listed in DBL Zone automatically, and they may re-list automatically after removal if they are re-detected.

While DBL is careful to not list innocent domains, it's possible that a domain may need to be removed from DBL before the listing expires. If you think your domain is listed and should be removed, use the Blocklist Removal Center link on our homepage, look up your domain and follow the instructions returned by that lookup form.
Excessive removers and other removal form abusers may be blocked.
MAS (MVE)EE Solution GuideCommented:
Becasue your IP is sending spams out.
You should block all SMTP traffic except from Exchange server.
After that try to delist the IP. 

Ayoub RouziCeo & CoFounderCommented:
Hello Surya,

Your domain is not necessarily being accused of e-mail spam. Here are the categories from their FAQ:

  • spam domain
  • phish domain
  • malware domain
  • botnet C&C domain
  • abused legit spam
  • abused spammed redirector domain
  • abused legit phish
  • abused legit malware
  • abused legit botnet C&C

I would suggest checking your domain name and the IP address of your domain name and MX record at and making sure you are not listed in other blacklists that you are unaware of. If all is clear, then it likely has to do with the server configuration.

Keep in mind that for many blacklists, if you are on a shared server, it may be another site that you can potentially be associated with. This would mean that you are at the mercy of the other site. But that may not be the case here.
surya vAuthor Commented:
Hello Ayoub,

Thanks for your reply.As you suggested i have checked with mxtoolbox i can see all the domains are listed in spamhaus zen.Would you please help me in releasing those domains from spamhaus zen.Thanks in advance.
MAS (MVE)EE Solution GuideCommented:
Enough information to confirm answer.
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