Hard Drive failure in RAID?


I have the following errors on my Adaptec Raid.

ad Block discovered: controller: 1 ( Adaptec ASR7805 #3A12130E4B0 Physical Slot: 6 ), channel: 0, deviceID: 6, WWN: 5000C50063A0CF6D, vendor: ATA, model: ST4000NM0033-9ZM, S/N: Z1Z0J8VH, firmware level: SN03 starting lba:7fffffff end lba:7fffffff, bad block recovery possible.

Failed drive: controller: 1 ( Adaptec ASR7805 #3A12130E4B0 Physical Slot: 6 ), channel: 0, deviceID: 6, WWN: 5000C50063A0CF6D, vendor: ATA, model: ST4000NM0033-9ZM, S/N: Z1Z0J8VH, firmware level: SN03  0 Last Failure Reason: .

Please also see the attached files.

I wanted to find out if this is to be expected a normal error that is corrected by allowing the raid array to rebuild.

Or should I be concerned and replacing the hard drive ASAP.

Also if I do go for the replace and it is still in warranty is this type of error sufficient that Seagate would replace the drive?



Event logSmart ErrorsRaid_Failure.pdf
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Does the RAID set have a hot spare drive?
I would ensure there are good backup's of the data and replace the drive.

One can check the Seagate website for warranty information:
whorsfallAuthor Commented:
No I don't have a spare - however it is a raid 6 four drive array.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
You will have to replace the physical disk. Note the SMART data is nonsense, the controller can't communicate with it so it's just putting in default values
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whorsfallAuthor Commented:
Hi thanks. I was surprised about the smart data comment as it is in red on the bad drive but not on the good drives. Why would the Adaptec utility put it there if it can't read it.

Also one thing I should of added I was able to rebuild the array with the bad disk does that change the situation at all

I would watch it closely and order a spare drive.
After all the system presented a warning.
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
Smart data can be read by the controller at least, if it also exports it to above..., in this case it seems to do so.
Some controllers don't.  What doesn't match is that you mention 4 drives in raid 6, and only 2 drives are visible.
I can tell if Controller 1 Slot 6 corresponds to Drive 1....

If you have two raid volumes then it at lease show the worst data on it.

At least get a spare disk within reach. Raid6 on means you may loose 2 drives before it becomes critical and you start loosing data on the next error.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
It'll probably rebuild onto the same disk again if you reseat it. It fell asleep last time probably the same thing this time.
Marshal HubsEmail ConsultantCommented:
Hi Whorsfall,

Seems like there is a major problem with your RAID controller, firstly you should replace your failed hard drive with a drive with same specifications. If your RAID controller rebuilds the data you can take a sigh of relief however if your RAID controller doesn’t rebuild it, you would have to use a RAID Recovery software like Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Technician to get back all the data. You can check the software out from here: https://www.stellarinfo.com/windows-raid-recovery.php 
Secondly, Seagate shall run a test on your hard disk and if they discover Bad Blocks they will surely replace the HDD.
Gerald ConnollyCommented:
Just because your data is protected by RAID6, doesn’t mean you can be complacent about one drive being in a failed state.
We now don’t recommend the use of RAID-5 as the risk of a second disk failing as the first failure is rebuilding, is unacceptably high and with the result of the risk of total data loss.
With one disk failed in RAID-6, you now have effectively RAID-5  and ...

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nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
Too many people act when the RAID drive fails... (ie more than the allowed data is hurt). Sometimes in different areas of disks so it is still perceived as a working system....
And then complain that raid didn't protect, while forgetting about acting on the first warning sign and realising that from that moment on it is borrowed time.
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