Migrating Remote Desktop users from 2008 to 2012

We are looking at Migrating from 2008R2 to 2012R2 Remote Desktop server and profiles. My concern is that we are a very high productivity environment and need as little down time as possible.
Our setup is two physical servers. Both are HP ProLiant ML350p Gen8 Dual 6 core Xeon E5-2620. One server is our DC and is running Windows 2012R2. The other is a Remote Desktop server running 2008R2. Because of the memory limitations of Win2008, we would like to upgrade to 2012R2 (or 2016) so we can maximize the hardware we already have. We only have 14 Remote Desktop users so I think we can stay with the existing hardware and boost the RAM and get a significant performance gain.

My big question is how seamless is the migration process for the user profiles to move from 2008 to 2012?
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Shimshey RosenbergConnect With a Mentor SysAdminCommented:
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