Auto start VeraCrypt system

I'm looking for a way to auto start a file server with VeraCrypt.  I know how it works, and you need to enter at least one password to start an encrypted system drive.  I have clients and they have power outages and I like how they start all on their own right now.  If not, I assume I can Encrypt just the data drives/partitions.

Thanks a ton all.
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Auto-Mount is misunderstood here, Travis. It cannot be used in this scenario.
But since veracrypt has command line support, of course we could use a scheduled task to mount drives.

To make this secure, the script that this task executes should not be saved on the computer itself, but rather on a computer in another secured room. However, this method implies that booting windows needs to be automated in the first place.
To achieve that, the system partition cannot be encrypted, but instead only the data partition(s).

Tell me if you can follow, Dan.
Travis MartinezSmoke JumperCommented:
VeraCrypt has an "Auto-Mount Devices" on the Main Program Window.  It will use cached passwords if set or a key file if configured.  Here's a reference to it.  Note that it states VeraCrypt will try and mount all devices, even those that are not encrypted volumes and thus could have some boot time impact.

Here's a reference:
DanOwnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I do follow.  So I can't encript the system partition if I want to auto boot.  I don't mind, I just wanted to know.
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