Bypass stripos XSS prevention

I need to bypass a XSS check which is using stripos to prevent using script tags by detecting the work "script"
if (stripos($a, 'script') !== false) return false; return true;

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The web server also has a CSP policy (default-src none; script-src: nonce-key) and requires a nonce parameter within the script tag.
Thank you for your help.
Alexandros KakourisAsked:
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XSS isn't executed within PHP. It's a technique / concept executed within the browser at runtime, and that's where the CSP policy and everything will apply. If you have that PHP code that just checks for "script" within $a, then you can bypass it by just returning true before it runs:

return true; // <======
if (stripos($a, 'script') !== false) return false; return true;
Alexandros KakourisAuthor Commented:
I have no access to change the php code and I need to bypass it as a client.
You cannot override PHP code on the server as a client. That's why server-side code is used for security. If clients code override PHP code whenever they wanted, it would be mass chaos.

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NerdsOfTechTechnology ScientistCommented:
Bypass: XSS can be done without specifying 'script' or 'javascript' like below, as javascript is the implied scripting language on major browsers:

<b onmouseover=alert('XSS')>hover over me</b>

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(albeit the HTML will be slightly invalid, but it works)

Therefore if that is the sanitation method used on that site, it's not a very good one.

However, most sites (that are secure) will sanitize inputs. Such 'security' is a fundamental factor of server-side scripting: it's not designed for users to be able to change the code. Otherwise like
@gr8gonzo said, if users could change scripts on servers, it would be pandemonium.

Better XSS prevention: For the server-side, to protect the server from XSS attacks, one way is to replace any non-alphanumeric with null inside the input, like this (form of sanitization):
$a = preg_replace ('/[^a-z0-9]/i', '', $a);

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Julian HansenCommented:
How do I bypass XSS security - if that were possible what would be the point of the security in the first place.

The only solution (as Gr8gonzo has pointed out) is to bypass the code in the script by modifying the script. If it were possible to do it any other way then you would have a security hole big enough to drive a bus through and the script would be pointless.

Let's approach this from a different perspective - what is it you are wanting to do - why do you want to bypass the script?

BTW the check is not great = checking for 'script' will yield a false positive on every word that contains that sequence of letters.

NerdsOfTechTechnology ScientistCommented:
From a security standpoint, XSS should not be allowed. Therefore, if you are able to bypass the script, and execute any form of XSS, better security (such as stricter filters) should be implemented.
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