E-mails stopped coming through on my phone?

vinay khosla
vinay khosla used Ask the Experts™
I had this question after viewing Phone Can't Connect to Exchange Server.


I used to receive my office Microsoft exchange e-mails on my phone but since 1st of April E-mails stopped coming through.

This happens to every user on the server, so nobody is receiving the emails on their regardless of whether its IOS or Android.  

Not sure the cause of it, does anyone faces problems like this and how to resolve this?

Few more details below :-

It's SBS2011 and Microsfot Exchange 2010.
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Use the following link to help determine the issue.

timgreen7077Exchange Engineer
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if this is happening to everyone, what changed in your environment? Something with Exchange or your network changed most likely.
Check ActiveSync.  Most email programs will try to connect to an exchange server using Activesync.
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Thanks for your comments.

I have checked the ActiveSync under Application Pool and it is enabled already. Not sure what else can be?

Also we have Android Phone, with Error says SSL Certificate Expires, but this was expired a while ago, since then e-mails were fine on the phone devices and we haven't had any issues.

Greatly appreciate your help on this.

yo_beeDirector of Information Technology

I have seen expired or non-trusted Cert cause active sync to break,
As JS recommended us the link to test your connectivity.  

Are you seeing any errors on the phone.

Also I would check the IIS log for the Exchange an see if there are errors there. c$\inetpub\logs\LogFiles\W3SVC1\
Does the event log show anything?
Were windows Updates applied prior to this outage?
Were and are users able to sync when they are in the office?
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Please test Activesync from MRCA as commented by JS

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