files on shares server linux

is a shared webserver a good place to store .pdf or .doc files

if not linked to by using html, can search engine find.

i have robots.txt ask (not demand) that search engines shouldnt show but i know robots.txt is not a solution
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AlanConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
Hi rgb192,

Depends what you mean by 'good'.

It might be very convenient if you want to share those files with many different, and unknown people, but it is not likely to be very secure (assuming you are not enforcing file access restrictions and some kind of login process to the webserver).

A search engine (or any third party trawling through your server) might be able to find the files, but chances seem low if they are not linked from anywhere, and unauthenticated users (web trawlers) cannot receive a directory listing.

rgb192Author Commented:
thank you
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