2 phones ring

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Since you have Verizon, you can do this:

Calli *72 plus the forwarding phone number, including the area code (e.g., *72-555-555-5555). You will hear a confirmation message.

This works with all phones with Verizon service, not just iPhones.

Dial *73 to stop forwarding. You will get a tone or message.

Can I have both phones ring

I this answer only gives me second phone ringing.
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There is also conditional forwarding, which forwards when there the line is busy or there is no answer after 3 to 4 rings.

To start it, dial *71+phone number
*73 to end it

For exactly what you're asking about, you may have to look into their One Talk service.

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
In normal (forget smartphones) call forwarding by the phone companies, the middle phone does not ring, only the final phone. This is true for my two phone companies here.

The forwarding takes place in the phone company system, not the phone.

Yes - this is definitely possible, I have my own deskphone and smartphone setup to both ring simultaneously.

Whether or not you can actually have that will depend on Verizon, so the best option would be to call them and ask.

nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
It is a setting in the PBX.
What you want is called a hunt group (simultanous ring).
Another form is roundrobin ring where all phones ring one at a time for a few seconds and then the next phone.
(Better suited for call centers).

To get this call your phone company.  (With voip, some providers allow multiple logins where this will then also happen).
rgb192Author Commented:
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