Map in WordPress website.

I have a table that list a large number of airports - 14 columns  for each airport. Each row contains lat/lon and basic info about the airport, plus links to govt website with latest info for that airport, plus link to latest weather forecast.

The concept is to use OpenStreetMap showing all airports with click on icon (different coloured icon for different runway surface), to open an on map panel to show the basic info, plus the links to govt website for that airport, and also the latest weather forecast.

My question is for advice on how best to build this in OpenStreetMap.

I have built a few website shops with WordPress/Woocommerce, but my skills in coding are limited.
I'd like to be able to place the map code in a WordPress page.
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David Johnson, CD, MVPConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
do you want a static image or a zoomable image?
gregfthompsonAuthor Commented:
Thanks David.

I'm seeking a zoomable map to show icons for locations, and when an icon is clicked, to open a pane (window) on the map) containing info about that specific location.

The link looks  to be a great help. I am pretty slow with all this stuff. So I'll checkout the link and post another question when I get to the next stage.
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