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How to turn off debug / trace mode for SQL Server 2012


This is regarding an issue I have with an SQL 2012 server.  I had obtained assistance from Microsoft on a performance issue several months ago, and they placed the server into some sort of debug or trace mode as part of their diagnostics.  I thought they turned off the trace mode after diagnostics were completed, but as it turns out they did not.  I found this out after noting that available disk space on the SQL server's C: drive was slowly being reduced over time.  There is a debug or trace mode active that is generating daily folders containing log files for apparently every single transaction being executed on the SQL server.  Folders are named by date, so today's log files folder is under a folder called LOGS, and is named 2018-04-18.  Here is a listing of the files in that folder:

- c. 25 files named all.XX.log where XX goes from 1 thru 22.  Files vary in size from c. 15K to c. 2.5MB
- a file called all.csv which is 31K in size
- 6 files called fatal.X.log where X goes fro 0 to 6.  Files are up to 10K in size
- 15 files named Info.XX.log where XX goes from 0 thru 14.  FIles are 1K to 6K in size.
- 22 files called Trace.XX.log, where XX goes from 1 thru 22.  Files are 22K to 2.2 MB in size.
- 8 files called Warn.XX.log, where XX goes fro 0 thru 7.  Files are 1K in size.

On a typical work day, from 25 to 40 MB worth of files are generated in each daily folder.  Currently I have to manually clean these out once a month to keep the accumulation under control.

I've attached 2 files with a section of the contents of the files called all.0.log and trace.1.log


Note that after attaching the 2 log files, I clicked the Embed command in the bottom right of the screen.  I hope this doesn't interfere with my having uploaded the 2 files after attaching them.  If you're unable to access the log files, please let me know and I'll re-attach.

Hopefully these files will provide an idea of what mode the SQL Server is in.  

I'm requesting advise on how to turn off this debug mode and stop the continuous generation of these log files.  Please let me know if you need any more information to assess the situation.

Many thanks,

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