Single Exchange Server and Mail Resilience.

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We have a single MS Exchange Server (2013 running on 2012 server), and need to bring it down for maintenance work. The emails are usually pushed to the Exchange Server.

As we don't have additional mail servers (DAG), how can we store the inbound emails until the work is fixed?  

Our ISP are pushing the email (SMTP) to Exchange Server and I can get them to store it locally by altering the MX record but then I have to retrieve the emails using Pop3 or something when the email server is back online.  

I was wondering if there is a better fix for this out there.
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timgreen7077Exchange Engineer
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That is your only option if you only have a single exchange server. there is no resiliency. so if your ISP push your mail to your server, then yes allow them to change MX record to save it locally and then you will have to retrieve it. You can also setup a 3rd party hosting company to basically do the same thing your ISP is willing to do to a large degree.
To consider for the future: there are a number of anti-spam cloud services that provide short-term email storage for situations just like you have described. So, in addition to filtering your email for spam, they hold your email automatically if your server is down and then deliver it automatically when your server is up again. Usually they also make provisions for users to connect to their email online and reply, etc., while your server is down.  Obviously there's a cost for this, but it provides you with excellent (usually better than the built-in Exchange) spam filtering along with a backup server for your email.



That is very helpful Hypercat (Deb), do you have some examples for this?
Two I know of: SolarWinds MailAssure and Mimecast.  I've never used Mimecast.  We had used GFI MSPMail for a long time, but it was bought out by MailAssure.  I'm not sure I like MailAssure as well because I feel the interface for users isn't as friendly, but it works very well otherwise.

If you google "email antispam and continuity services" I'm sure you'll get a list of quite a few possibilities.

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