No wirelss internet

Please can anyone help
We moved office and installed our wireless router and a wireless access point.
The internet and wired network are working perfectly.
However if we try and connect wirelessly to the router or the access point we can connect but both say "no internet"
If I reboot the router we may get wireless internet for about one or two minutes before it goes back to saying "no internet"

Help please
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How have you configured the wireless settings on the router and the AP? If you turn off the AP does the router wireless network function normally, and conversely if you disable the wireless on the router does the AP allow wireless internet access?
I'd troubleshoot this as follows:
Run IPConfig from a command prompt to confirm that you have a valid IP address and default gateway
Ping the default gateway to confirm that you have access to that point
Ping to confirm that you are getting to the internet by number
Ping to confirm whether or not name resolution is working

If you can provide the results of those tests, we can give a much better answer as to what the issue is.
samcoryAuthor Commented:
I cannot check everything until tomorrow however both wireless connections show a correct IP address and the same Gateway and DNS servers as the working wired connections
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Is the range from workstation to wireless Access Point the same as before?

Log into the Web GUI of the wireless access point and make sure all the settings relate to the new location.  Do you need to change DNS on the wireless Access Point?
samcoryAuthor Commented:
I disconnected the AP - no change.
I  did not try the other way round, will try tomorrow
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
Might be worth trying a Network Adapter reset.

In a Command prompt window use this command:

netsh winsock reset

You will then need to reboot the machine.
samcoryAuthor Commented:
Thanks all for your help, I resolved the situation by turning off the WIFI in the router.
1 hour on the phone with Netgear's Tech support did not help.
I added another small access point and that resolved the situation.

Thanks for all the help
samcoryAuthor Commented:
Old wireless router not compatible with ne access point
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