Separting partial traffic from one VLAN while allowing traffic from another.

Good Afternoon, I have a quick question about VLans and more or less just want to verify my train of thought is accurate if possible.

We have a Barco (Click Share) device that I am about to setup in our conference room. The device is used to stream videos/content from a laptop over to a projector. I don't particularly want that type of traffic also flowing through our LAN, so I am planning on putting it on its on VLAN (We will call it VLAN 15 for this purpose). The laptops will also need to be able to access the servers on our local network (We will call it VLAN14) to retrieve files that they can pull up to then be displayed on the Projector through the Barco Device.

What I am thinking is the Barco Device will be on VLAN 15 as well as the Laptop which then connects back to the wall, to the server room, and into our Layer 3 switch.

My thought is that the Video Streaming would stay on VLAN15, but when the Laptops request files back on our local network VLAN14 they will be able to also get there as well. This of course is provided I create a route for them to be able to get from VLAN 15 to 14.

My question is would the Video traffic between the laptop and Barco device stay on VLAN15 and then only the traffic from the Laptop (Request for local files), be sent over VLAN 14?

What I don't want to happen is the Video traffic coming back from VLAN 15 to 14 as that would be bad, but also defeat the whole purpose of the VLAN. You mind as well plug everything into VLAN14 and be done?

Am I thinking this through correctly?
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The way clickshare works as follows: you plug a little USB "button" device in your laptop to connect to the clickshare base unit.  This button has its own wireless connection to the base unit.

So your laptop can connect to one VLAN/SSID using its normal wifi . The clickshare button can connect to a different VLAN/SSID using the built-in wifi of the button.

The video traffic does not stream over the laptop's wifi so your problem does not exist. Just use 2 different SSIDs.

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justinmoore14Author Commented:
Robocat, thank you for getting back with me on this, and the detailed information you provided.

--That is a good point...Please allow me a few days (May be Tuesday next week) to give this a try and then I will reply back with an update.

--The Barco unit also has the ability to connect to the LAN, but I think I am remembering that is only for the management interface and therefore would not matter. This is only the second one I have set up. The last one went to a job-site and did not matter.
justinmoore14Author Commented:
I was not able to find in the particular Barco unit that I have where I could assign it a separate VLAN, but what I was able to do is put the LAN and WLAN on separate sub-nets which would achieve the same goal, based on how these units communicate with one another.

Thank you for your help with this.
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