Word 2013 - What does printing "back to back" mean?

What is printing "back to back".  Is that another word for using both sides of the paper?
I've never heard this term before.
I have a 20 page document which I would like to have printed on both sides.
Do I ask for "back to back"?
Is there a web site that describes this term? Gives examples?  I tried googling and couldn't find any.
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Where is this description - in a printer manual or setup dialogue? Mostly, the process of automatically printing on both sides is termed 'duplex',

In recent years I have noticed back-to-back used to mean without pausing between a series of discrete events. It could here refer to a series of print jobs.

Personally, I find the term confusing in this context as it seems to suggest that each alternate event  is reversed so that its back (the end)  precedes the front (start).
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The term means 2-sided and it is a Printer term (not Word).

Go to Print, then Print Options and set for 2-sided.  

I use this all the time.
you can Always post the screenshot(s) showing that message
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Max DestinyCommented:
yes as the experts have already said it is a back to back so 2-sided printing
brothertruffle880Author Commented:
I was submitting a MS Word job to a printing company (online)  and although I'm familiar with the term duplex or two-sided. I never heard the term "back to back".
Naturally, because we're living in 2018, an age with NO help desk phone numbers on web sites selling you stuff, there was no phone number I could call with this question!!!!
Max DestinyCommented:
yes it is most commonly said to be duplex not back to back.

also in programming languages it is called duplex not back to back
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thank you brother - happy to help.
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