Not able to set 100% to width of the flex containers

Hi Experts,

     Not able to set width 100% for flex containers.  Is it right? that to set width 100% to flex containers.  I have a flex container, which is like header or nav bar.  I am pasting the code below for reference.  I am also attaching screen shots for referencescreen shot for reference

{% load static %}
{% load pipeline %}
{% load wagtailcore_tags  %}
{% load template_tags %}
{% load render_bundle from webpack_loader %}

<!doctype html>
    <link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/png" href="{% static 'favicon.png' %}"/>
    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,maximum-scale=1.0,initial-scale=1.0,minimum-scale=1.0,user-scalable=yes,shrink-to-fit=no">
    {% stylesheet 'style' %}
    {% block head %}{% endblock %}
  {% block body %}
    <body class="{% if body_class %}{{body_class|safe}}{% endif %} navigation-bar-shown">
      <input type="checkbox" class="hide" id="navbar-menu-toggle" />
      <input type="checkbox" class="hide" id="navbar-search-toggle" {% if query|length|get_digit:"0" != 0 %}checked{% endif %}/>

      <header class="navigation-bar-container">
        <label class="screen" for="navbar-menu-toggle"></label>

        <div class="navigation-bar container">
          <div style="background: #facb66; color: #333; font-size: 14px; padding: 10px; text-align: center">
            <div class="page">
              This is alpha. Help us by providing <a href="">feedback</a>.

          <div class="strip">
            <div id="navbar-search">
              {% get_search_path as search_path %}
              <form action="{{search_path}}" method="get" role="search" class="search-container" id="search-form">
                <div class="menu-container">
                  <label class="menu" for="navbar-search-toggle" id="navbar-clear">
                    <i class="material-icons">clear</i>
                <input type="text" id="search-query" placeholder="Start typing search terms" name="query" value="{{query}}" class="query" autocomplete="off" />
                <span role="button" class="filter clickable" id="navbar-filter">
                  <i class="material-icons" style="verticalAlign: bottom">filter_list</i>
            <div id="navbar-standard">
              <div class="menu-container">
                <label class="menu clickable" for="navbar-menu-toggle">
                  <i class="material-icons show-menu">menu</i>
              <a href="/" class="logo">
                Territory Stories

              {% main_nav_menu %}

              <div id="autocomplete-screen">
                <ul id="autocomplete-results">

              <label for="navbar-search-toggle" class="search" id="toggle-search-button">
                <i class="material-icons">search</i>

      {% block content %}{% endblock %}

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Please help me in resolving this issue.

With Many Thanks,

Bharath AK
Bharath A.KAsked:
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mohan singhWeb developerCommented:
Hi@Bharath A.K
can you provide me a live link of your page

Thank You
Mohan SIngh
Bharath A.KAuthor Commented:
Hi Mohan,

 the link is

With Many Thanks,
Bharath AK
Bharath A.KAuthor Commented:
Hi Administrator,

    Its my bad I had forget to add code tag to the question.

Thanks for letting me know.

Kind Regards,
Bharath AK
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Julian HansenCommented:
100% width means width of parent container. Flex has no bearing on this.
If your component is not stretching full width then you need to look at the container.
Does it have a width
Does it have padding

Use the console F12 and look at the computed section to see where your elements are getting their width from
Bharath A.KAuthor Commented:
Hi Julian,

       I am using bootstrap.  I had changed the class of the div from container to container-fluid. The problem got resolved.  I was under assumption flex has something to do with the parent containers width.  Thanks for clarifying.  Now my problem is resolved.

With Many Thanks,
Bharath AK
Julian HansenCommented:
You are welcome,

I had changed the class of the div from container to container-fluid.
Bootstrap container - is a max-width container (1170 on large, 970 on medium, 750 on small, 100% on extra small)
The container-fluid is a full width container in all views.

So what you have done is the right way of solving this.

If you have any further questions - post back here - if your problem has been resolved please can you close the question.

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Bharath A.KAuthor Commented:
Hi All,

Now my problem is resolved.  Thank you all for your suggestions and help.

With Many Thanks,

Bharath AK
Julian HansenCommented:
You are welcome
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