XML Spreadsheet with Coldfusion

Good morning all, I have a question related to writing an Excel spreadsheet from ColdFusion (XML). I'm not sure if my problem is my Oracle query, or the way I have the XML put together, but I'm getting some errors when I do certain things. I've attached the code that I'm working with and will try to explain what I'm doing. I'm dealing with two tables, "BUDGET_MIPRS_SENT" and "UNOB_REMARKS". This is a one to many, where I may have several remarks listed in UNOB_REMARKS for a specific entry in BUDGET_MIPRS_SENT. What I want to do is be able to have a spreadsheet that has only the three most recent "remarks" rather than all of the remarks for each record in BUDGET_MIPRS_SENT. So I guess I want to group the remarks together and have a single record on the spreadsheet with the 3 latest remarks grouped together. The way I have the query works when I display on a web page, but when trying to get a spreadsheet I get an error:

Context validation error for tag cfoutput. Either the end tag &lt;/cfoutput&gt; encountered on line 669 at column 3 requires a matching start tag or tag cfoutput does not support end tag. <br>The error occurred on line -1. | Referer: | Template: /mcadev/reports/testreport.cfm |
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I count 4 opening <cfoutput> tags but 5 closing </cfoutput> tags.  Try removing the one at the very end

<cfcontent type="application/msexcel" file="f:\Websites\MCA\MCA\Reports\AllFunding_Condensed.xls">
</cfoutput>  <=== this one
diecasthft01Author Commented:
Oh yeah, I forgot that....I was trying to do some different things before coming on here. After removing the last cfoutput, I get a new error which I believe is at the core of my problem:

Message: Invalid tag nesting configuration. A query driven queryloop tag is nested inside a queryloop tag that also has a query attribute. This is not allowed. Nesting these tags implies that you want to use grouped processing. However, only the top-level tag can specify the query that drives the processing. <br>The error occurred on line 604. |

It seems like it doesn't like me having cfoutputs within themselves but I thought you could do that.
I did too.  Maybe change the inner <cfoutput query ...> loop to a <cfloop query...> instead?

... Or close the previous <cfoutput> earlier, so the tags don't overlap.

<cfoutput>.... xml....</cfoutput>
<cfoutput query="....">.... xml .... </cfoutput>
<cfoutput>.... xml....</cfoutput>

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diecasthft01Author Commented:
I redid some code and testing it now...I'm getting closer and you pointed me in the right direction. I may have just monkeyed with it so much trying to get it to work I messed up other things in the process.....I'll let you know in a few minutes.
diecasthft01Author Commented:
I believe I have what I need. Thanks a lot!!
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