PERC 6/i Add in second RAID 1 without destroying primary RAID 1

Need help with Dell PowerEdge T710 with a PERC 6/I RAID controller.  I would like to add two more drives as a separate but new VD.  I do not want to delete or hurt the first RAID 1 VD.  So I have some basic questions.  One, if the drives come up as foreign, do I need to clear this?  Will this only clear the new drives and not hurt the first RAID 1?

Then second, how do I add the second RAID 1 without disturbing the initial RAID 1?  Do I "Create a new VD" then select the two new HDD's?  (I know this seems like a silly question but in years past if you select "new configuration" it would delete the current VD, apparently you had to go to view/add Configuration to see the current VD and add in a new one.)  I just wan to make sure I do not erase my primary RAID 1 VD.

By the way this server does not have the admin tools in Windows so I will need to do this through the PERC 6/I interface during boot up.
Christopher MostPresidentAsked:
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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Clearing the foreign configuration only clears the metadata off disks that the controller does not have matching configuration for so yes, it only clears the newly introduced disks.

Clear configuration or new configuration wipes the controller and disk configs, don't do that.
press F2 and select Create New VD then pick the unused disks and chose the RAID level.
Christopher MostPresidentAuthor Commented:
Perfect!  That is what I thought but it is better to ask and be safe then try and find out your wrong.  I appreciate the help!
PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
Why not install OpenManage? It can be installed without a reboot and greatly simplifies the process. Otherwise, Andy's got you covered. The PERC 2/3/4 had the View/Add ... everything else since 2006 (PERC 5/6/7/8/9) has a new interface.
Christopher MostPresidentAuthor Commented:
It worked perfectly so I appreciate your help.   I will try OpenManage at some point also.
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